San Jose Corporate & Business Lawyer

The most successful businesses combine ingenuity with great talent, skill, perseverance and a solid business plan. Part of developing that plan is structuring your business in the most advantageous way, securing financing, protecting your intellectual property and developing sound procedures for corporate governance. Business knowledge alone is not enough to ensure that your company makes the right choices on these important issues-- you need experienced, practical advice from an experienced business lawyer.

The Law Offices of Mike Ross are here to provide that advice. The goal of our corporate lawyer is to ensure that we provide your business with the information you need to make informed, empowered choices that will help your company to thrive in one of the most competitive business environments in the world. Whether you are one person with an idea or an established industry leader, our business attorneys can put our legal knowledge and experience to work for you.

We understand the Silicon Valley business climate and we have the legal knowledge necessary to provide top-quality legal services to startups and established businesses throughout Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay area and the world. Contact us today to learn how our San Jose corporate attorneys can provide the legal services that your business needs.

Business Attorneys That Understand Silicon Valley

At the Law Offices of Mike Ross, our San Jose business lawyers approach your legal issues with the goal of understanding how the matter at hand fits into the big picture of your company. Decisions on corporate transactions, licensing and intellectual property cannot be made in a vacuum and an understanding of the law alone is not enough. We will work to ensure that we have a deep understanding of the goals you are trying to achieve and the way you want to operate your business to make decisions with both the appropriate legal framework and the unique needs of your company in mind.

Our business law attorneys in San Jose provide advice, guidance and legal advocacy to clients on a variety of different matters including:

• Corporate Law
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Startups
• Intellectual Property
• Licensing
• Company Formation
• Financing
• Debt and Equity
• Employment Law
• Corporate Governance

By developing an in-depth understanding of the goals of your business, a business lawyer can ensure that you are free to focus on ideas and business operations while we take care of the technical legal work necessary to make your business work behind the scenes.

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Regulations and legal requirements can shape nearly every aspect of your business, from your human resources to the fund raising. Your business is about forming relationships with employees, clients, customers and the business, we ensure that your rights are protected while you make your ideas a reality.

By taking a proactive approach to legal decisions, we ensure that contingencies are planned for, and that the deals you need to grow and thrive can get done. Call us today to speak with a San Jose corporate lawyer to learn more about the legal services that we can provide to your while avoiding costly and distracting litigation.