Silicon Valley Intellectual Property: Should Marketing Agencies Sign NDAs to Maintain Confidentiality?

Businesses need to be able to market their products and often this involves developing a strategy with a marketing agency before the company releases the product to the public. Working with a marketing agency over the course of the product’s development can be beneficial to ensure that the needs of the end user are taken into account and to develop features that can help to increase the desirability of a given product. However, when working with a marketing team, especially prior to launch, … [Read more...]

Piercing the Corporate Veil in Silicon Valley: What Does it Mean?

Business owners form a corporation in large part to limit liability. When a company operates as a corporation, the individual owners generally cannot be sued for things that the corporation does. Further, the individual owners will not generally be liable for the debts incurred by the business. This provides important protection to the owners. For example, the reason that investors in a shopping mall cannot usually be held personally liable if someone slips and falls in the store is because the … [Read more...]

Business Valuation in Silicon Valley: When It Is Needed?

A business valuation involves determining the value of a business. This includes considering the worth not only of the company’s tangible assets and intellectual property, but also the worth of the company’s brand and goodwill. For example, a business that provides a service may have limited assets but may have a long customer list and a great reputation that makes it a very valuable business. The value of publicly owned and publicly traded companies is easy to determine, but it becomes much … [Read more...]

Business Startups in San Jose: Should I Start a Small Business

Starting a small business can allow you the freedom to work for yourself and to do something you love. Unfortunately, starting a small business can also have significant financial and legal risks. Before you decide to start operating your own business venture, you need to ensure you are making an informed choice and that you do everything possible to protect your investment and make your business a success. The Law Offices of Mike Ross is dedicated to helping business startups in San Jose and … [Read more...]