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Starting a company is a necessary step to a successful and productive business, provided you have a solid business plan and an understanding of the legal aspects of making your business work. The Law Offices of Mike Ross can provide you with comprehensive legal advice to get your business on the right path.  Mike Ross has more than 30 years of experience practicing business and corporate law. Mike Ross also has a business background and has served as General Counsel and CFO for multi-national corporations and technology companies.  With a strong background in securities, corporate governance, licensing, intellectual property and general corporate law, we have the knowledge your company needs to make informed choices with all aspects of your startup. With our understanding of the law and your innovative business ideas, the growth and success of your company will be limited only by your work ethic and your innovation.  Let us be the firm you trust to get your business off the ground and put it on the path to success.  Call the Law Offices of Mike Ross today for more information on how we can help.

Startups Need Top-Notch Legal Advice

When starting your company, there are a myriad of steps you will need to take that can have major and lasting implications on your future business ventures.  You will need to:

  • Determine the appropriate structure for operating your company. Will you be an S-corp, a C-corp, a partnership, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a sole proprietorship. The Law Offices of Mike Ross can explain the pros and cons of your options and help you complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Secure real estate where you can operate your business. Will you be renting? You need a lawyer to look at your lease. Are you buying or building a space? A real estate attorney should review the construction or purchase contract.
  • Secure financing.  Mike Ross has successfully raised more than $2.5 billion in public and private financing. Our attorneys understand how to work with angel investors and venture capitalists to get the deal done.
  • Obtain appropriate licenses and permits.  The obligations you will have vary depending upon where you do business and what business you plan to operate. Your attorneys will review local zoning and business laws to ensure you are ready to operate with all appropriate permissions.
  • Protect your intellectual property You need to protect your innovative ideas through patents, trademarks and copyrights so that no one can steal your valuable creative works.

These are just some of the different things that your business must consider when you open your doors for the first time.  The Law Offices of Mike Ross understand that many startups struggle for income at the beginning, but that top-notch legal advice on these issues is important. We aim to find cost-effective solutions and provide representation that you can afford while always offering top-quality service and legal advice.  We always keep the long-term in mind, and will help you to make the legal decisions that could one day allow your company to go public or be acquired.

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