Differences Between a C Corporation and an S Corporation?

Both a C corporation and a Subchapter S corporation allow you to operate your business as a separate legal entity. This provides you with protection from personal liability for corporate debts or if the company is sued. However, there are some fundamental differences between C corps and S corps that people forming a business need to be aware of.  The Law Offices of Mike Ross can provide assistance to individuals starting a business or to companies that want to begin operating as a … [Read more...]

Business Startups in San Jose: Should I Start a Small Business

Starting a small business can allow you the freedom to work for yourself and to do something you love. Unfortunately, starting a small business can also have significant financial and legal risks. Before you decide to start operating your own business venture, you need to ensure you are making an informed choice and that you do everything possible to protect your investment and make your business a success. The Law Offices of Mike Ross is dedicated to helping business startups in San Jose and … [Read more...]