Why Do I Need a Corporate Lawyer in San Jose?

If you run a business, no matter the size of the company, there are a variety of different laws and regulations that apply to you.  You must ensure you comply with both state and federal laws in order to avoid facing fines, a criminal investigation or a civil lawsuit.  Knowing the laws and all of the different rules that apply to you can be confusing, but it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the requirements applicable to your business.  To protect your company, it is a good idea … [Read more...]

Piercing the Corporate Veil in Silicon Valley: What Does it Mean?

Business owners form a corporation in large part to limit liability. When a company operates as a corporation, the individual owners generally cannot be sued for things that the corporation does. Further, the individual owners will not generally be liable for the debts incurred by the business. This provides important protection to the owners. For example, the reason that investors in a shopping mall cannot usually be held personally liable if someone slips and falls in the store is because the … [Read more...]