Corporate Attorneys in San Jose, CA

Within California’s regulatory environment, the corporate form provides significant protections and advantages for your business. An understanding of both the rights and responsibilities vested by corporate law is essential for business operations and an experienced attorney can provide your company with the legal guidance and advice necessary to make informed choices and protect your company’s interests. At the Law Offices of Mike Ross, our attorneys have the experience and know-how to provide the legal advocacy that corporations need to thrive in the competitive global economy. From corporate formation to corporate litigation, we will represent the needs of your business, provide advice that empowers you to make the right choices for growth, and advocate for your interests.

Our Corporate Attorneys in San Jose, CA are Here to Help

The Law Offices of Mike Ross is a full-service corporate law firm focused on representing the needs of companies throughout San Jose, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere your company does business.  Whether your business is a start-up working to determine the best way to secure financing and form a new business venture or your company is an established power-player and industry leader, you need experienced, reasoned corporate legal counsel to advise you on business legal matters. Our corporate attorneys in San Jose, CA provide that advice, but we do much more. We will work to understand how your legal issues arise within your business goals and operations so that we can help you move towards the desired  outcomes that are right for your company. Some of the different legal issues our corporate attorneys can assist your business with include:

  • Company formation
  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Licensing – traditional or SaaS
  • Internet legal issues
  • Mergers &Acquisitions
  • Business valuations
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Financing
  • Debt and equity
  • Employee/employer relations
  • Securities law matters
  • Commercial contracts

Corporate attorneys primarily do two types of work: transactional work and counseling. Our attorneys do both, so we can provide comprehensive legal services for all your corporate law needs. We keep focused on protecting your company from lawsuits and ensuring that you develop a sound framework to address contingencies and protect corporate interests both now and in the future.

An Experienced Corporate Attorney Can Help Your Company

Whether your company is looking for outsourced in-house counsel services or you need advice on a range of specific legal issues, our attorneys are here to help. We will always treat your legal issues with the importance that it deserves, communicating with you regularly and putting the needs of your business first. The Law Offices of Mike Ross can work with you as a legal partner to help you to build relationships and grow in a way that protects your legal interests and makes the law work for your business.  Our corporate attorneys in San Jose, CA provide the legal advice you need to get deals and transactions done efficiently and at a cost that makes sense for your business. Call today to speak with a member of our legal team and to learn more about how we can help your company.