Debt and Equity Transactions Attorneys in San Jose, CA

When starting or growing a business venture, it is necessary for the company to raise capital.  There are two primary ways to do so: debt or equity. Each carries with it its own risks and its own advantages, and financing transactions need to be structured in a manner appropriate to the needs of the business or investor.

The Law Offices of Mike Ross represents startups, investors and lenders in debt and equity transactions. We can provide comprehensive legal advice to clients entering into financing transactions so you can minimize risks and make informed choices to maximize reward.  Our firm values efficiency and collaborates through technology, so you will have the answers you need even in a fast-paced global marketplace.

Mike Ross not only has 30-years of corporate legal experience, but also has experience in the business world serving as a CEO, General Counsel and Vice President.  This solid professional background helps to provide a unique perspective on debt and equity transactions that will be invaluable to getting your deals done successfully and in a cost-effective way while still protecting your financial interests.

How an Attorney Can Help with Debt and Equity Transactions

The Law Office of Mike Ross can represent clients in all types of debt transactions. The benefit for business owners of debt financing is that it protects the owner’s exclusive right to manage and profit from the business venture.  However, both lenders and borrowers need to understand the risks inherent in debt financing transactions, including the risks of default.

The Law Offices of Mike Ross represent startups, small companies and large companies as well as lenders and investors entering into debt transactions. We can negotiate financing terms, identify and inform clients of risks and work to get the deal done with the most advantageous terms possible and all necessary protections in place.  Among other debt transactions, we have successfully assisted clients ; preferred equity and convertible debt transactions; mezzanine debt financing; asset-based financing; bridge loans; and investments in distressed debt.

We also have extensive experience representing investors and business owners in equity transactions.  The benefit for business owners of equity financing is shared risk, while the benefit for investors is the potential for significant upside.

The Law Offices of Mike Ross represent issuers and investors in venture capital financing arrangements, as well in transactions involving angel investors.   Equity financing arrangements often involve complex negotiations and detailed contractual agreements. We will keep negotiations moving forward while protecting the rights of our clients.

Getting Legal Help from our Debt and Equity Transactions Attorneys in San Jose, CA

Mike Ross has successfully raised more than $2.5 billion in public and private financing.  Whether representing clients in debt or equity transactions, we take an innovative approach to your legal issues and we keep your big picture and goals in mind.

To learn more and to speak with a member of our legal team about how our debt and equity transactions attorneys in San Jose, CA can represent you, give us a call or contact us online today.