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Providing Legal Services for Business Transactions in Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and Anywhere Your Company Operates.

Responsive, efficient & cost-effective.


With more than 30 years experience specializing in business transactional law, we have represented public and private companies in any type of business legal needs that a company can encounter in todays hectic and challenging business environment. We have extensive experience in securities, governance, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, international, intellectual property, real estate, litigation and general corporate law.


We help our clients get their business deals done. There is risk inherent in every deal and our job is to identify and quantify those risks, and then work with you to formulate a strategy for addressing those risks in a manner that makes sense. Anyone can kill a deal because of risk; the trick is to keep the risks in perspective and control them as appropriate, rather than letting them control the deal.


Even more than risk, the passage of time tends to kill deals. We will not let that happen. Bottom line, whenever you need it, we will get it done.


Our office is organized to minimize administrative work and provide as much direct access to attorneys as needed. The result is a better product delivered in less time for less money.

Managing Partner: Mike Ross

Experience Makes the Difference

Our firm is run by Mike Ross, you will never have anything less than a senior, experienced attorney working on your project.

Having been a general counsel of a prominent local companies for over 25 years and an attorney at Orrick,  a large international law firm, Mr. Ross possesses a rare combination of expertise, insight and value, resulting in a deep appreciation for how clients want legal services delivered: quickly, cost-effectively and with a focus on results.


Mr. Ross earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting, with High Distinction, in 1982 from the University of Arizona. He received his J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1985. Following his graduation from Stanford, Mr. Ross joined the law firm of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe in San Francisco.

In 1989, Mr. Ross left to join Atmel Corporation, as Vice President, General Counsel. Subsequent to that Mr. Ross joined Advanced Power Projects, a clean tech startup firm focused on upgrades to gas powered power plants to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel. In 2008, Mr. Rossbecame Vice President, General Counsel & Mergers and Acquisitions of Solar Semiconductor, a solar panel provider with manufacturing facilities in India.