How Long Does it Take to Get a Small Business Started

The amount of time it takes to start a small business is going to vary depending upon many different factors.  If you need to get business licensing or want to incorporate before you start running your company, the process will take longer. If you intend to just begin providing a product or selling a service as a sole proprietor, then you could begin your business tomorrow. Get a Small Business Started

The Law Offices of Mike Ross has extensive experience with small businesses and startup companies. Getting advice from a lawyer can help you to get your business off the ground as quickly as possible. Your attorney can assist with zoning issues, licensing, registering a fictitious name, dealing with tax issues, incorporating and all other steps necessary to start your business.  Call today to learn more and to take the first step of turning your dream business into a reality.

How to Get a Small Business Started

The Governors Office of Business and Economic Development in the state of California provides information on the steps necessary to get a small business started. These steps include:

  • Doing research and creating a business plan for your new company.
  • Getting business assistance and undergoing any necessary training.
  • Selecting a location where you will operate your business.
  • Securing financing for your business. This may include finding investors who will put money into your company or applying for and securing a loan for your business.
  • Selecting the right legal structure for your company.  You may wish to form a C corporation or an S corporation. Some businesses also operate as partnerships, LLCs or LLPs.
  • Choosing a fictitious name for your business.
  • Registering with the state of California and the federal Internal Revenue Service so your business can be appropriately taxed.
  • Registering for required permits in the state of California.

Not every company or every start-up will need to go through all of these steps to get a small business started. For example, if you are financing your business yourself, then you will not need to take the time to complete a loan application or to find investors. If you plan to operate out of your home, you may not need to look for a location or negotiate a lease. However, you may need to ensure zoning rules allow your business in the area where you live and, if they don’t, you may need to get approval from your neighbors and apply for a variance.

The more informed you are about what is required of you at each step, the quicker you can complete the essential tasks to get a small business started so you can get your company running. The Law Offices of Mike Ross can advise you on financing, legal issues related to starting a business and anything else you need to know about California laws related to your new company.  Call today at 408-223-9100 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation with a San Jose small business lawyer for help.

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