Why Do I Need a Corporate Lawyer in San Jose?

If you run a business, no matter the size of the company, there are a variety of different laws and regulations that apply to you.  You must ensure you comply with both state and federal laws in order to avoid facing fines, a criminal investigation or a civil lawsuit.  Knowing the laws and all of the different rules that apply to you can be confusing, but it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the requirements applicable to your business. arbitration process

To protect your company, it is a good idea to ensure you are represented by a corporate lawyer in San Jose. Having an attorney advise you about company formation, hiring and firing employees and establishing company policies is advisable.

If you become involved in litigation or your business interests are threatened, it is also essential to consult with a corporate lawyer in San Jose for assistance.  The Law Offices of Mike Ross provides representation to clients both on transactional matters and on litigation. This means that you can get advice on important business decisions at every step of operating your company and you can be represented by a strong and knowledgeable legal advocate with litigation experience if you need to use the legal system to fight for your organization’s interests. Call today to schedule a consultation with a corporate lawyer in San Jose to learn more.

Why Does Your Company Need a Corporate Lawyer in San Jose?

It is important to be represented by a corporate lawyer in San Jose from the time when you first start your business. There are different organizational forms including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships. Your lawyer can advise you on the best business structure so you can achieve the most favorable tax treatment and so you can reduce the risk of being held personally liable for business debts or judgments.

As your company gets started, a corporate lawyer in San Jose will also help you to get a tax ID, secure any necessary business licenses, review financing agreements, understand zoning rules and comply with IRS requirements, federal and state laws.  The steps necessary to get a business off the ground will vary depending upon the kind of company you operate and your attorney will advise you on what you need to do.

When companies grow, they often must hire employees and enter into contracts with suppliers and others whom they do business with.  An attorney will help you to make sure you comply with wage and hour rules and anti-discrimination rules.  Your lawyer will review contracts and otherwise advise you on the different transactions and business relationships you enter into.

Unfortunately, problems often inevitably arise over a company’s years in business. Whether you need to file a lawsuit or you are sued by a disgruntled customer, employee or supplier, your lawyer will also represent you in negotiating a settlement, filing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit when litigation arises.

These are just a few of the many different things that a corporate lawyer in San Jose will do for you. The specific type of representation that you will receive should be custom tailored to the needs of your business.  Call the Law Offices of Mike Ross for assistance with all of your business law needs.

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